Outreach and Education

Since my undergraduate days I have been actively involved with outreach activities. From 2008 to 2009 I took the role of observatory co-coordinator at Queen’s University which required me to be responsible for all outreach activities at the observatory. I am very fond of producing astronomy content for public education, having contributed to Astronomy Now magazine in the UK and given public lectures in the UK, Canada and Sweden.

Observing at the Scottish Dark Sky Observatory

During 2008-2009 I hosted and produced an astronomy radio show on CFRC called Astrarium, which was rebroadcast on Astronomy.FM and can also be found on iTunes including brand new series two which was recorded in 2013 and was included as part of the Brachiolope media network.

I was lucky enough to attend a workshop run by the NASA Center of Astronomy Education, a workshop aimed at providing effective techniques to teach astronomy to students with non-science backgrounds. Skills I later got to use when I was employed as a sessional lecturer at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, teaching an introductory astronomy course, when serving as manager of the Scottish Dark Sky Observatory and when teaching an evening course in astronomy at Medborgarskolan in Stockholm.

Public Lectures Given:

March 2018 – Astronomiska Föreningen Uppsala, Sweden – Observatories of the World

September 2017 – Astronomy Day and Night Uppsala, Sweden – Collecting Starlight: Observatories and Telescopes around the World

July 2015 – Scottish Dark Sky Observatory, UK – Chilean Observatories

Sept 2014 – Scottish Dark Sky Observatory, UK – World Observatories & Magnetism in Space

Jun 2014 – Queen’s Observatory Open House, Canada – World Observatories

Jun 2013 – North Essex Astronomical Society, UK – World Observatories

Jan 2012 – Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Kingston, Canada – Stellar Cartography

May 2009 – Queen’s University MiniU 2009, Canada – Where Queen’s Astronomers go to Observe

Nov 2009 – Queenʼs University, Astronomy History Day, Canada – The Life of William Herschel

Feb 2008 - Armagh, Northern Ireland - Astronomers Trips

May 2006 – Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Kingston, Canada – The Pic du Midi Observatory

Summer 2003 - North Essex Astronomical Society, UK – The Pic du Midi Observatory 

Summer 2003 – Loughton Astronomical Society, UK – The Pic du Midi Observatory

Popular Press

Astronomy Now Magazine (UK):

Article: The Pic (du Midi) of the crop (Vol. 18, No. 2, 2004)

Book Review: The edge of infinity (Vol. 18, No. 7, 2004)

Book Review: Life in the solar system and beyond (Vol. 19, No. 3, 2005)

Astrarium (An Astronomy Radio Show / Podcast): Host and producer of a series of radio shows discussing astronomical topics. Aired from September 2008 until April 2009 on CFRC, rebroadcast on Astronomy.FM and iTunes as a podcast. New series now running on iTunes and syndicated on CFRC.

Appearance on BBC Scotland and in various local and national Scottish newspapers: During October 2012 as publicity for the opening on the Scottish Dark Sky Observatory.

Research Article for the Pale Red Dot Project: My Article can be found here:Pale Red Dot