Surface Mapping of Ap Stars

My previous research work exploited the spectropolarimetric capabilities of instruments like ESPaDOnS (on the CFHT, Hawaii) and NARVAL (on the TBL, France) to obtain high signal-to-noise ratio, high resolution, phase-resolved spectra of a selected sample of magnetic Ap stars in all 4 Stokes parameters (Stokes IQUV).

The Canada France Hawaii Telescope (CFHT) and the Telescope Bernard Lyot (TBL)

The resulting datasets are being used to construct detailed, assumption-free maps of the vector magnetic fields and chemical abundance structures in the photospheres of these stars using the technique known as Magnetic Doppler Imaging (MDI). Such maps represent a crucial step toward understanding the origin and evolution of magnetic fields in upper-main sequence stars and for constraining the influence these magnetic fields have on the chemical transport processes (e.g. diffusion, convection, mass loss).

If one observes a star as it rotates, one would observe that one side of the stellar sphere is rotating towards you and the other side is rotating away from you. This results in a redshift on the receding side and a blueshift on the approaching side which ultimately results in the spectral line being broadened about the line centre (central wavelength). If there was a spot on the surface of the star (either a chemical abundance spot or temperature spot), the spot would exhibit itself in a spectral line profile as a distortion. As the spot traverses the stellar sphere from one limb to the other (due to rotation) the distortion will move from one edge of the profile, through the centre of the profile and then eventually to the other edge.

How a spectral line profile changes as a function of stellar rotation when a chemical spot is present on the surface of a star.

Therefore if we observe the star from all aspect angles, it becomes possible to construct a 2-D chemical of the stellar surface. This technique combined with polarimetric data, allows the reconstruction of the vector magnetic map simultaneously and self-consistently with the distributions of chemical elements. Such a map is shown below in the case of the Ap star α 2 CVn or HD 32633.

Magnetic field map of α 2 CVn (Cor Caroli or the Heart of Charles). Silvester, Kochukhov and Wade (2014, MNRAS, 444, 1442)

Magnetic field map of HD 32633. Silvester, Kochukhov and Wade (2015, MNRAS, 453, 2163)

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